Branding and Logo

We’ll create your Brand Story and custom tailor a logo specifically for your company.

Why Branding Matters?

A Brand is an intangible, conditional asset associated with a product or service.

Brands are associations with a set of emotions that influence consumers’ responses and behaviors towards a product/service.

It is essential for a business to understand the commercial value, or equity, that is derived from consumers’ perceptions of the brand name of a particular product or service.

  • What is your brand purpose and story?
  • How do you execute on your brand purpose?
  • How do you share your brand purpose and story?

Brand Strategy Process

Whether you are a designer who wants to become a brand strategist or an entrepreneur interested in brand building process

—this is the ultimate step-by-step process to brand development strategy in 2021.

Brand Core

There are 3 elements in this section of our brand strategy which includes your purpose, your vision, and your core values and each plays an essential role in providing clarity for the internal brand.Knowing these three elements and being crystal clear on each of them, builds confidence for the existence and direction your brand takes.And this is because the expectations that consumers have of brands today are lot different than they had 20 years ago.

Now customers want to engage with genuine and authentic brands.

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Brand Positioning

Here we are developing your positioning strategy, which includes your target audience, your market analysis and your awareness goals.

And the importance of each element of positioning can’t be underestimated, because each one give us a clear understanding of your competitive edge.

So when you have a clear understanding of your audience, their problems and needs, but also the players in your space, then you can adjust whatever you’re doing to be more appealing.

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Brand Persona

Here, we’re going to focus on making a human connection with your audience by developing your brand persona, which includes your brand personality, tone of voice, and tagline.

People expect brands to have a personality, so that they actually feel like they’re engaging with a person, when they’re really engaging with the brand.

And the way we gonna do that, is by identifying your brand personality, and then projecting the right voice.

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Our Logo Design Process

Logos are a point of identification; they’re the symbol that customers use to recognize your brand.
Ideally, you’ll want people to instantly connect the sight of your logo with the memory of what your company does – and, more importantly, how it makes them feel.


Get to know the clients business it’s history, industry, competitors and audience.A logo should serve a specific business objective, so therefore you need to stay objective in the process in order to design something that is appropriate.

Now customers want to engage with genuine and authentic brands.

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Now, in the second step, we take all the information form the discovery phase and conduct further research to draw insights that will serve later on in the ideation phase.

Here we’re going to analyzing the industry in more detail, conducting visual research and drawing conclusions.

Researching the industry helps you as a designer get a sense of the environment the logo’s going to live in.

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Sketching logos is where real creativity comes into play, but since I’ve done my homework I’m able to judge my sketches against clearly defined criteria.

The goal of sketching is to find a connection between an idea and the creation of a form.

It’s also important to decide whether we need a symbol or simply a memorable typographic treatment of the brand name (wordmark).

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So once you have a ton of sketches, then you can judge them against the strategy and select the most promising concepts to execute them digitally.

This part is all about translating your sketches into digital form and then further testing viability of each concept.

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Once we’re done with designing the logo concepts we show the client the three strongest brand identity concepts in the form of a presentation.

Each of these three logo concepts is the result of the disciplined but creatively open process I describe here.

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After the client’s approval, then it’s time to deliver the brand identity package including logo artwork and a style guide.

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